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en su quinta vacaciones del aÑo en paris, francia, y que estÁ poniendo fotos. y yo trabajando aquÍ por navidad. >>> raÚl, no puede ser. >>> gracias por estar con .... >>> ¡hoy en primer impacto! >>> un sujeto asesina a puñaladas a su novia, su suegra y cuñado. >>> uniformados y pobladores se enfrentan en feroz combate. >>> una desamparada es prendidad en llamas mientras dormía en un parque. >>> encuentran muerta a la mamá de tomy torres. >>> acompañamos en exclusiva a romeo en un espectacular concierto para despedir el 2012, esto y más ahora mismo en primer impacto!!!!! ♪. >>> hola, ¿qué tal?, bienvenidos a primer impacto, les saluda natalia cruz, bárbara bermudo y pamela están de vacaciones. >>> un triste asesinato enlutó a una familia, como horas después de noche buena un joven apuñaló a su novia. >>> así semidesnudo la policía encontró a ariel, haciendose pasar por víctima. >>> las autoridades aún no sabían, pero este argentino acababa de asesinar a su novia, suegra y cuñado, los vecinos al escuchar los gritos llamaron a la policía. >>> sin embargo la p
to sean who is here from my staff who spent hours and hours and hours working with yo yashida. (applause) >> at the end of the day this is about content. and sean really partnered with apple-liscious who came up with a good idea and we believe it is one of the most powerful mobile applications certainly in the parks world and maybe in government. and right now it's primarily focused on information with a little bit of reservations but it's going to be able to do so much more over time as we continue to evolve as a department. so, love your parks. download one of these things. and let me introduce yo yashid, a. let me say to all of you out here keep doing what you're doing * . because with your help you are really making government better. so, i wanted to say thank you to the hatchery and everybody in this room. yo? (applause) >> thank you, thank you, mayor ed lee. thank you, phil ginsberg and the hatchery for hosting us. i use open data. our company was founded three years ago using open data. we are one of the first sustainable companies to use open data and be sustainable innovation, m
, su edad preocupa mucho >> si ellos son viejos, ¿y yo u que? yo soy anciano >> mientras llega ese dÍa la g angustia de esta mujer increm incrementa >> es un error muy grande, si yo pudiera evitaria todo esto >> en phoenix, arizona, julio i cisnero, telemundo. >> en washington el pobresident barack obama dijo que la reunion que susostuvo en la casa blanc f fue buena y cosntnstructiva e n evitando el abismo fiscal, te tenemos todos los detalles del e encuentro desde washington. >> fue una reunion a puertas c r cerradas entre el pobaresidente barack obama, joe biden, y los 4 liederes bipartidistas, el po m presidente barack obama presento propuestas que pueden tener los votos suficientes par aeropueral abismo fiscal >> en el capitolio un grup deo f familias y democratas dice que n no dejen caer el peso en la c s clase media para proteger a los mÁs ricos >> aumentaria el apuesto 2 pu o puntos porcentuales y se poen en riesgo varios beneficios, se traduciria que segÚn estimados una pareja latina de con ingre d de 43 mil dÓlares al aÑo podrian pagar 2200 dÓlares mÁs, y redu i r
, es en la tarima. >>> asÍ pasarÁ lo que resta de diciembre. >>> este aÑo yo quiero, yo anhelo pasar con mi familia. >>> dime tus resoluciones para este aÑo 2013. >>> yo anhelo no dejar de ser sencillo, la sensibilidad me hace hacer estas canciones. >>> eres subsetible a las criticas. >>> no. >>> cuÁles fueron las mentiras que mÁs de molestan. >>> que me gustan los hombres. >>> uno de los mÁs nominados en "premios lo nuestro", cÓmo recibiste esto? >>> el simple hecho de ser el mÁs nominado es suficiente, soy de los artistas que tengo el premio mÁs valioso que es el aplauso del pÚblico. >>> asÍ que esperello en febrero del 2013. >>> y podemos ver que romeo no solo tiene una voz privilegiada, tambiÉn tiene un gran corazÓn, le deseamos mÁs Éxitos. si quieren ver las dos partes de nuestra exclusiva visita nuestra pÁgina "primer impacto." com. y llegÓ el momento de saber otras novedades, y estas son las noticias que estÁn en la mira. como pÓlvora corrio la noticia del nacimiento de shakira, y es que pique lo anunciÓ en twitter, y es que se tratÓ de una broma por el dÍa
have not filled out the form. yo no -- you no longer get the credit automatically. you have to fill out the application to cut out the fraud. >> we have been a homeowner for 30 years so i wantmy money. >> everybody has 2 amcation --applications mailed to their home. >> you must have be application post marched by december 31st. go to our website for more information. >>> put the harps back in the closet the words from former president george h.w. bush to those concerned about his health this morning. his family is confident he will be out of the icu very soon. he is treated in the intensive care unit for a fever at the hospital in houston where he's been for a while. the 88-year-old has been in the hospital for more than a month after first coming down with broonchitis. he is the oldest living former president. >>> and one of the nation's top warriors is being remembered for leading troops at war and for his civic contributions after his retirement. retired general norman schwarzkopf died of complication pneumonia. he is best known for leading international forces in iraq in 19991 again
importantes de méxico. >> yo soy carla iberia sanchez. >> diputados federales pagaron 141832 requeridos para la libertad de los jovenes . >> entro en vigor ley federal de ,jovenes de 14 años y mas serán formalizados. >> acusados privaron de libertad y asesinaron a sus víctimas. >> miles de campesinos deben enfrentar los fríos , desde hace doce años se ve un descenso en las mariposas. >> con estas imagines de la mariposa monarquica nos despedimos. >> mas adelante , los investigadores sugieren que podría existir conexion entre desordenes mentales y violencia domestica. >> volvemos. ya esta listo alejnadro luna con la información de los de porets. >> estamos con acción de portiva juan manuel marquez le ofrecio el título de campeon de la decada, el documento señale que el 8 se diciembre se le entrego el cinturon que lo califica como tal. >> cinturon fue puesto apra marquez y podra portarlo por siempre. >> vamos a hablar de mas pleitos , que prometen dinamita dentro del pentagono , ambos boxeadores se vieron la cara , es la revancha de dos santos , cain y el son considerados los mejores
got really comfy in the seat, and you just waited to hear what was gonna be laid out. - hi-yo, silver-- away! - "yolo" is a catchphrase that kinda, like-- it means "you only live once"-- yolo. - hi-yo, silver! - you never leave and go, "hi-yo-- i'm out." - oh, my god! - you know, wouldn't you hate to be higgins, to have to be around that guy all the time, with the speedos and the beer? i think higgins should've gotten combat pay. - a truly wise man never plays leapfrog with a unicorn. - when a crime proved too difficult for insurance investigators to solve, they called suave freelance insurance investigator, thomas banacek, who only took on the impossible case. and, as a bonus, delivered classic sayings. - there's an old polish proverb that says, "only the centipede "can hear all the hundred footsteps of his uncle." - what? - "although a hippopotamus doesn't have "a stinger in its tail, "would rather be sat on by a bee." that one made sense to me. - okay, as i'm reading these sayings, i'm concerned, because they're starting to make sense to me, or they actually make sense to me, like
seguras fue criticado porque su objetivo era para inmigrantes peligrosos. >>> me pusieron el uniforme, yo dije no voy a ir a mi casa. >>> para evitar estos problemas, condados como santa clara decidieron cuÁles pedidos aceptar y cuÁles no, pero para inmigraciÓn esa no es la respuesta correcta. >>> la agencia cito un condado de santa clara, en los Últimos meses el condado permitiÓ que 5 arrestados indocumentados por manejar embriagas salieran de la cÁrcel. y queda claro que los crÍticos de comunidades seguras consiguieron cambios, lo que queda claro es que el programa no va a desaparecer. >>> y para conocer mÁs detalles del programa de comunidades seguras visite la pÁgina de univisiÓn noticias. com. y el estado de iowa no le darÁ licencia a los jÓvenes dreamers que califiquen para la acciÓn diferida, dice que una ley estatal no les permite conceder tarjetas a personas que no vivan legalmente en el paÍs. >>> residentes de un municipio de guajaca se enfrentaron con todos a los policÍas que los desalojaban. no se sabe en quÉ fecha serÁ la toma de posesiÓn de chÁvez. ♪ >>>
difcil en el ltimo aÑo. s.o.t. rosa cabrera/rosa's hair salon 8:52:19 todavía lo que rayan yo lo puedo pintar, pero los vidrios quebrados es más la verdad ya es algo más fuerte, y me da un poco de miedo, porque si esto sigue asi, tal vez me veré obligada a moverme del area. s.o.t. jose dorado/empresario 19:40:19 nosotros no trabajamos para la ciudad, la ciudad trabaja para nosotros. a jos dorado le rompieron una ventana hace un par de meses, pero l dice que no se va.. ms bien est organizando a vecinos.. s.o.t. jose dorado/empresario 19:26:04 que nosotros en grupo presionamos a la ciudad a tomar atención aqui.. s.o.t. jose dorado/empresario 18:54:04 para mi esa es la llave, que la gente ni se conoce uno al otro, se ayudan el uno al otro, y pues en la union es la fuerza.. rosa cabrera slo espera que este acto de vandalismo no se repita. s.o.t. rosa cabrera/rosa's hair salon 8:00:04 ahorita el negocio es muy despacio, y a veces no hay suficiente dinero ni para los vidrios.. contactamos al saliente concejal ignacio de la fuente y nos dijo que este tipo de delito es inusual, y que entie
with to expand our trade zone and so we are now covering san francisco, san matt at a yo and county and contra costa county and so i would like to commend our staff to invigorating our trade zone is that has been around for a long license time so much so that we got you aian award for it. next, i'll like to mention that we have received our second award on our brand new cruise ship term flail that has not been constructed or yet and it's a shot in the arm really i wish they would have given us that and we have been awarded by crews critic which, is an interactive community belong for people who are travelers in the crudes industry and they have picked san francisco as their 2012 united states port on the basis of it being one of the most beautiful city's in the america to sail into and we can all say well do and strainings has been a long contenter for the united states ports but the state-of-the-art crews terminal with site seeings and easy to access air service pus put it over the top and so we are gratified by that award and our thanks to san francisco travel to make sure that we are alway
the deadline to protect themes in yo there are a few things. obviously, you can't do going since the stock markets are closed on saturday and sunday. on monday, investors should look at their portfolio. capital gains rates, for example, the increasing -- maximum is increasing from 15% to 20%. an inventor, let's pick on apple, for example, popular stock. if they have huge gains in there, they should consider selling that this year at the low tax rates versus next year and that could increase. and that is only one, that is one of the things. >> and some of the tax rates, the top tax rate is would go scheduled to go from 35 to 39.6% and what can folks do to insulate themes? there ways to move parts around if they're going to get hit with a higher tax bracket? >> in previous years, we talked about the tax loss harvesting. this year, it's important to harvest games i mentioned earlier. with that ordinary tax rate increasing like that, a lot of investors love dividend yield paying stock and this year in 2012, those dividend-paying stocks, the investor was paying taxes at the rate of 15% and that
no olvide ser realista, volvemos al estudio . >> yo me animo a cumplir las predicciones, gracias ceciloia, está nuestro compañero jorge calvo para hablr los deportes . >> feliz navidad, no te había vist o. >> feliz año nuevo, estoy confundida, hay un entrenador famoso que le dan el premio del mejor entrenador y lo despidieron . >> es de los mets de brooklyn, en centroamérica y ahora contagia a la nba, increíble, vamos con la información, les cuento que otro entrenador de la nba se quedó sin chamba, además les diré quién es presentado como entrenador de chivas, como esto arrancamos . >> el nuevo presidente de chivas fue presentado en conferencia de prensas y esto dijo a los medios . >> creo que cumplo con los conocimientos para estar en chivas y lo que se requiere para tener resultados, pero no voy a pedir garantias porque tengo obligaciones de hacer las cosas como debe ser . >> está convocado el colombiano por la selección sub 20 de su país a jugar en argentina, la directiva lagunaera no da un comunicado sobre su caso . >> creo que si no me toca ir allá lucharé acá por u
. tha yo >> joe davis, chief economist at ativan guard group >> susie: still ahead, the top tech trends for 2013, or how your cell phone will become an even bigger part of your life in the new year. >> susie: a lot of mixed messages for investors today. joining us now to sort through it all, ann miletti, senior portfolio manager at wells fargo advantage funds. >> so, anne, what do you think you heard, the economist talking about a mild recession. are we in for a correction in the ock market if that happens? >> i think right now the market is trying to predict how long this uncertainty is going to last. so right now, you know, because the market is a measuring tool, it's measuring how long the uncertainty with the fiscal cliff will last. if it's short and we get a resolution, i think we will avoid a recession. if it takes months to figure out, then i think in a slow-growth economy we could get into recession territory pretty easily without some certainty. >> but as you know, we're going to be -- even if we get a deal, we will be hearing reports on quarterly earnings in the next couple of
went out and they were killed in very high rates. these were yo
'm yo yashida for appaliscious. >> we'll try to get a conversation going to talk about typically what you're doing. i'd be interested in hearing each one of you talk a little more about what you think -- it certainly is a term we're hearing a lot today and in the past. we'd love to hear what you think open data is now, sort of how far along are we in terms of actually getting governments to release that data and actually getting companies to do interesting things with it. >> this is kind of awkward sitting on his shoulder. you know, we've been doing this in america for awhile. i would say this is a nice turning point. before there were people on the outside banging on the door, open data, give me your data. now you're seeing governments take the turn themselves and set up a culture and the institutions like chief data officers where they're actually proactively doing it themselves. this will actually be the third chief data officer in the country. chicago has one, philadelphia has one. so, [speaker not understood]. i have mixed feelings about it. no. i just think that it's great to se
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, ask your doctor if including advair could help improve yo lung function. get your first full prescription free and save on refills at ♪ lou: our next guest says president obama see democracy as a form of social inequality. in a recent cartoon he draws a young barack obama at the blackboard. he is a two-time pulitzer prize-winning editorial cartnist senior editor with investors business daily. great to have you with us. be appreciated so muh. i love your cartoons, and i would wat to ajust, if we may, go to a few more of them to get your remarks. i want to first it your idea of what you think of the fiscal cliff. you have tough find this to be rich father. absolutely. i alwys suggest, but the best tag riders in the world work for politicians. this white house is giving me plenty of fodder for curtains. anit is funny to think about these events, but a very traumatic and serious. they avoid the fiscal cliff. we are talking about over $607 billion worth of money taken out of the economy next year. lou: i just want to put up the next cartoon that we have. it matte
siamangs, están protegidos por la ley, él entiende eso, pero dice que si mañana llegara la policía, yo buscaré protección y todo estará bien. el típico militar. (narrador) es una situación increíblemente frustrante, pero no es poco común. las leyes que protegen a este bebé, han fallado y su única esperanza es que sus dueños, puedan cambiar de opinión. después de 10 años en este negocio, chanee sabe que no debe permitir que estos tropiezos, lo afecten. ese mismo día, un poco más tarde, ya estaba listo para otra misión de rescate. en el aeropuerto de padang hay una entrega muy especial para kalaweit; un gibón y tres siamangs, llegarán en un vuelo desde java. habiendo sido víctimas del comercio ilegal de mascotas, ahora serán entregados al cuidado de kalaweit. con cuidado. (narrador) los animales han llegado en dos aviones distintos y han estado viajando desde media noche. los tres siamangs y el gibón, al menos están vivos y bien, muy estresados pero creo que están bien. ♪ (narrador) después de un par de horas en el camino, chanee llega a la playa al otro lado de
and execution. you need to have that quality product. and yo ne to have people will execute it. so it's trying to bring those two together, that strong team that has a common vision, a common goal and building relationships with the suppliers. that's so, so important. make sure you have relationships and you're supporting the suppliers so that they can continue to do what they do. people like diane sinclaire who does our butter in vermont. >> rose: your what in vermont? >> our butter. she has seven cows and she supplies with us butter and making sure we support her. keith martin who's in pennsylvania. he's our lamber. people likthisre so, so important to what we do and the quality of what we do and without them chefs would be hard pressed to have the stature they have now. i hope the whole farm to table, farm to plate is happening now, working closely with parmers. in many cases, like french laundry, we have our own garden. we have almost three acres planted today so we're producing our own food as well. >> rose: fresh laundry will always have the deepest place in your start >> always. it's a
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with copd taking advair may have a higher chance of pneumonia. advair may increase yo risk of osteoporosis and some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking advair. if you're still having difficulty breathing, ask your doctor if including advair could help improve your lung function. get your first fu prescription free and saveon refills at >> announcer: you never know when, but thieves can steal your identity and turn your life upside down. >> hi. >> hi. you know, i can save you 15% today if you open up a charge card account with us. >> you just read my mind. >> announcer: just one little piece of information and they can open bogus accounts, stealing your credit, your money and ruining your reputation. that's why you need lifelock to relentlessly protect what matters most... [beeping...] helping stop crooks before your identity is attacked. and now you can have the most comprehensive identity theft protection available today... lifelock ultimate. so for protection you just can't get anywhere else, get lifelock ultim
to three inches of snow expected up to the north. d that's a look at yo weather. d that's a look at yo willie, over to you. >> maria, thanks a lot. later this morning, we're going to take a look back at how we covered the biggest stories of the year. obviously, the tragic school shooting in connecticut is fresh on everybody's minds. what were your biggest stories of the year? >> it feels so obvious, but i think the presidential election has to be on the list. something that we all followed very, very closely. so much happened. the debates were obviously interesting, covering the convention. it happens once every four years. incredibly consequential. i think it says a lot about what presidential elections will look like. we learned a lot about the changing demographics of this country. >> exactly. looking forward to the inauguration coming up in the new year. i think for all of us, i think around here certainly we've covered superstorm sandy. this was such a tragic event. i mean, a storm like this has not been seen here in this -- for centuries. i think that, you know, obviously the dev
, and you're going to be a big-time lawyer in new yo [laughter] >> if you look closely at brochure it simply tells you this is present data. it doesn't guarantee future job prospects in three or four years. gregg: i think they are living in the 1980s, when i graduated from law school you could get a job fairly easily. >> you're a smart guy. gregg: i graduated in the top 98 of my chance. >> thank the lord i've never been out of work one day as a lawyer. so this isn't sour grapes but at the same time you can't put on blinders and say you can't recognize what i would say is the fraud that is being perpetrated on these students who are graduating today. gregg: the other thing that's changed is, law schools, some of them were free. mine was free, the university of california. nobody is free nowadays. i know you're laughing at it. >> you got a free ride. >> i'm lucky they let me n. >> uc was free. nobody is free now. so these kids are graduating with huge bills, they'll never get out from under. >> nobody who goes to law school plans on being a lawyer, they plan on using the degree in the legal wo
of our state we have a lot of them. some part of yo of our state its kind of bleak, but beautiful. but i'm not asking for any money for private owners in my state to plant trees. i think they can do that themselves. so, again, it's only $58 million. maybe i'm take up the time of the senate to talk about $60 billion, but it is an example -- it is an example -- it is on outstanding example of the kind of excess that has not -- that does not have the priority to spend another $58 million of the taxpayers' money. so, mr. president, i yield the floor. ms. mikulski: snrch. the presiding officer: the senator from maryland is recognized. ms. mikulski: mr. chairman, first of all, i'd likes to thank the gentleman from arizona for coming to the floor and debating his amendment because it means that we can move our bills in an expeditious way. i wish we could be solving the issues around the fiscal cliff with civility, intellectual rigger, and a commitment to -- rigor and a commitment to the taxpayer. having said that however, i rise to oppose the gentleman's amendment. the emergency forest restorat
Search Results 0 to 26 of about 27 (some duplicates have been removed)